Big Bear tshirt comp

Next Level Women’s Ideal V #1540 in 3 colors:
   - Tahiti Blue
   - Lilac
   - Red

Size breakdown for each shirt color:
XS    6
S    12
M    15
L    12
XL    3

x3 shirt colors = 144 shirts

Printing will be front and back -- 2 colors on the front: black + one color (which will be the same image but different ink color, relating to each tshirt color), and one color (black) on the back top, same on all shirts.

I can't seem to upload a comp image via the yelp messenger. If it helps with the quote, please see a comp here:   
I can send you a vector file for printing, after I receive your quote.

I need the shirts in Dedham no later than Nov 22. I can possibly pick them up so please quote with and without shipping costs and indicate shipping method and time.


Please reach out with any other questions.

Thank you!
Steven Davey


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